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Who is Ruben Abstract

Why Swimmers

How did all start

Swimmers Collection was created in 2019, and more than 300 collectors in over 34 countries own one of its high-quality epoxy resin sea artworks.

Find that Swimmer going against the grain because that is you flowing and achieving your goals in the constantly changing sea of life.

Ruben was born in Madrid in 1975 and is a Spanish contemporary artist.

Swimmers Artworks

If you are interested in finding available Swimmer’s artworks, ordering a commission work or contacting any of the online and offline art galleries representing Swimmers Collection worldwide, please Download The Swimmers Artwork Collection and contact Ruben by sending an email or phoning to our studio in Madrid (Spain) directly.

The Swimmers Artwork Catalogue

Swimmers NFT´s

In 2022 Swimmers Abstract Art Collection begins its unstoppable journey in the digital, crypto art, NFT world, so join the very limited virtual series that will make you immerse into crystal-water paradises by downloading the NFT´s Catalogue.

NFT´s Catalogue

Doing nice things

Starting with a 1% of our NFT earnings, we are proudly helping The Ocean CleanUp Foundation.
Visit it, enjoy it, love it as we do, and why not, support it.