UNDERWATER is my new collection presented in the summer of 2023. Created entirely with epoxy resin on wood, it conveys the dance of light beneath the surface, symbolising that moment after a period of sustained effort in which things begin to flow and come together in the sea of life. If you come up close, you’ll see a transparent swimmer in one of the corners.

SWIMMERS is my original collection launched in 2019, which has been exhibited in numerous cities such as New York, Hong Kong, London, Hamburg, and Madrid. Today, more than 300 collectors in over 34 countries are proud owners of a SWIMMERS artwork. In this collection, I capture the feeling of finding our purpose in life, with that swimmer who goes against the grain representing the focus and effort of those who stay loyal to their ideas, faithful to their dreams, and true to themselves in the sea of life.

The catalogues for my two collections, UNDERWATER and SWIMMERS, are conceptual catalogues that capture the essence and message of each collection. If you would like information about available artworks from either collection, please feel free to get in touch with me. Similarly, if you’re interested in a commission artwork, or want to know about sizes, prices and timelines, I am here to assist you in creating something unique and personal.

For information about upcoming exhibitions, please visit my Instagram page or contact me directly.

My name is Rubén and I’m based in Madrid.